Art is a universal language that we all speak and understand. Its many forms and purposes have the power to bring communities together in unique ways. 

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Allen Fossenkemper

Award winning artist and longtime resident of Arizona, Allen Fossenkemper began his serious painting late in life.  After a successful career in the computer industry he returned to college and spent more than seven years studying under some of the finest teachers in the valley.   Migrating from pencil to water colors, acrylic and now to oils, his works reflect the diversity of his many interests and travels. His art began winning blue ribbons in his third year of study and continue to this day.  Visit his website for a more complete look at his creations.

Don Kenworthy

Metal artist Don Kenworthy has spent a lifetime working with metal, from structural steel and ornamental iron to fine art. His latest works can be seen around and in the world famous Fountain Lake in Fountain Hills Arizona: “Big Blue” in the lake and “Spirit of the Saguaro” in Legacy Park on the walking path around Fountain Lake.  Don and his wife, Andrea, have lived in Fountain Hills since 2001. His 1,500 sq. foot studio is located behind Target on Laser Drive here in Fountain Hills. Don's company, Kenworthy Custom Metal Inc., has been a licensed, bonded and insured specialty contractor in Arizona since 2002. His studio and services are open to the public.

Doug Katonak

 Doug became an artist in the mid-1940’s sketching airplanes and pin-up girls. He attended the Carroll University for two years before enlisting in the USMC. He began painting in Laguna Beach area while stationed at El Toro Marine Base.  He worked as an air traffic control for the FAA for 16 years.  He started painting seriously in 1971 when health problems from job stress indicated a need for a more sedate occupation.  Doug retired in 1973 and moved toFountain Hills in 1974.


Doug's first show was at the Smoki Exhibit in Prescott where he received personal compliments of then Governor Castro. He participated as an artist in the inaugural Fountain Festival.

For several years his works were displayed in his own gallery, and in his restaurant (Que Bueno) in Fountain Hills. He is presently working out of his home studio in Fountain Hills.

John H. Morris, Jr.

Fountain Hills resident John "Jack" H. Morris, Jr. decided that he wanted to paint when he was in 10th grade, and through the years his passion for art has continued to grow. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a major in art education. He then went on to study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he earned a Masters of Fine Arts, majoring in Painting.


During and after college he taught at several schools, including his alma maters, as well as the University of Colorado, the University of Wisconsin Marshfield, and the Sheboygan Area School District 

Jack was inspired by Hans Hoffman, Jackson Pollock and Van Gogh, among others. “I express my thoughts and feelings through color,” Morris said. His art is wild. It’s full of emotion and spirit.

Morris wants and expects a hands-on experience with his art. He invites people to touch his paintings.

The talented artist has won awards for his unique work, and has also gained some attention from local media. He was proud
to be honored as the Northeast Valley Artist of the Month in 2001.
Jack’s work is featured in countless corporate and private collections throughout the United States.

Karen Rechtschaffen

Karen says that she originally started painting to entertain herself; a pleasant diversion after 30+ years of social work. Now, as she makes her creations available to the public, it is her hope that people will enjoy her art, while maybe finding a social or political message worth considering or even embracing.

As a self-taught artist, she sees her work as highly accessible. For some, it will be the colors that compel the eye to look more deeply. For others, the intricate designs or detailed narrative will be the reason to look further. Part of her creative process is to locate discarded items. Whether she finds the item at a garage sale, thrift store or abandoned in the street, she knows that every piece has a story. Her challenge is to rework these items to have a new tale, often with a written message and a piece of her own interpretation of the past, present and future.

Karen accepts commissions. All inquiries are welcomed.


Karen's winter address:

15633 E. El Largo Blvd.

Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

Phone: (480) 816-6158


Karen's summer address:

5844 South Stony Island, Apt. 4-H

Chicago, IL 60637

Colleen Taylor

Colleen Taylor is from Southern California and is a juried artist with the Sonoran Arts League as well as the Arizona Art Alliance. She co-owns Carefree Fine Art Studio with her husband, Tom, a juried fine art photographer. They have participated in many of the annual Hidden in the Hills Studio Tours in Carefree and have held Open Studios in both Arizona and California.


Colleen began her most recent artistic journey in 2010.  After studying with local artists and producing florals and wild animals in oil, she began exploring her whimsical artistic side.  Colleen was her mother’s caregiver and these new artworks not only provided

her mother with great joy, they also gave her the opportunity to create stories for each one of them.

In September 2017, Colleen’s “Vibrant Feathered Gathering” was featured on the 2nd Annual Nature Nurtures Us Show brochure at the Herberger Gallery at the Arizona Center. Most recently, Colleen has been producing abstract works in oil and is currently studying with another talented artist and is enjoying creating mosaics.  She and her husband have just recently relocated their home/studio to the Fountain Hills area and are actively seeking opportunities to get involved in this lovely community.

Tom Taylor

Tom developed an early interest in photography and was developing his own film and prints at age 13. As with all things, life got in the way and he spent 30 years in federal law enforcement. He was reacquainted with cameras in the digital age and never looked back. 

He loves nature and landscapes. He developed a system for photographing hummingbirds without disturbing their feeding habits. His love of the southwest shows in his images. He is a juried member of the Arizona Art Alliance and the Sonoran Arts League. He and his wife, Colleen, a juried painter, have hosted

their studio, Carefree Fine Art, at several Hidden in the Hills (HITH) studio tours. One of his “birds” was featured on the cover of the 2014 HITH catalog. He has been featured in a Cave Creek gallery, and has been selected twice to have his photos appear in a local law firm calendar.

Most recently, both Tom and Colleen were selected, in a blind jury process, to participate in an art showing at the Herberger in downtown Phoenix. Curators were thrilled that a husband and wife were both selected, as no names were connected to the art.

Colleen and Tom recently relocated to beautiful Fountain Hills, and they are delighted to be here.