Identifying a new generation

of creative leaders.

This comprehensive experience, sponsored by the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association, is designed to develop better-informed citizens. The eight-week course is an intense immersion into the town’s governmental processes, civic and community services, public safety, and environmental management. Along the way, participants will meet community leaders and share ideas about the future of Fountain Hills. Classes take place each year from September through November.


The general sessions may include:

*About Fountain Hills & Fountain Hills Sanitary District

*Fort McDowell

*The Fountain Hills Times & Public Safety

*Youth & Senior Services

*Know Your Town Government

*Environmental Stewardship & Chamber of Commerce

*Local Schools

*Cultural and Civic Engagement


At graduation, each participant shares a project based on what they learned throughout the eight weeks. Past projects have included addressing wrong-way drivers on Palisades Blvd, creating an arts district in the downtown, effective public transportation services for employees who don’t live in town, and more.


Local businesses can sponsor a day with a donation of $250. They will be recognized in printed materials and are invited to join the class on their sponsored day and share with participants about their business.

Our mission statement: To identify current and emerging leaders in Fountain Hills and deepen their knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing our community. The Alumni members shall focus on serving and impacting positive change in Fountain Hills.

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